Katie Cat Meow Meow is one of the main characters of Kawaii Crush.

Her crush is cats. She has a cat, name currently unknown.        


She adores fashion and shopping. Her inspiration in fashion is cats.


She often wears

  • A yellow top with a face and puffed sleeves. It looks like a cat.
  • A hot pink skirt with a green belt.
  • Grey knee socks with tabby cat markings.
  • Yellow trainers with hot pink laces and cats.
  • Grey knitted cat hat.

In her minifigure toy, she also came with cat ears and a ball of wool skirt.


While her skin, skirts, and eyes remain the same color. Katie Cat gains lilac colored hair and instead of yellow clothing she has sky blue. Instead of white and gray cat parts, she has light pink oriented kitty parts. This had been seen in episode 6.


She has a tabby cat, name unknown which looks like her hat + socks.

S(he)hearts most of things.


"I heart cats so much that it even inspires my purrrr-fect fashion sense!"

"Should I invite the pawparazzi?"


  • Her design is similar to SeeU . Because of Long, wavy hair, skirt and the love of cats
  • Ironically she is known for knitting, but her mini dolls hat has no knitted implications on it.