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Mini dollsEdit

The most basic and composed of for this brand new toy series. The mini dolls are very small and each pack composes of a single doll, two outfits, one pet friend based on the character, and one pet accessory. They are made of rubber and 4 inch long!

Cuddly Pet collectionEdit

  • Katie Cat Meow Meow  Cat hat, frilled skirt, yellow sneakers, a cat with headband, cat eared headband, a yarn ball puff skirt.
  • Amanda Panda Pop Panda cap, A panda baseball cap, pajamas, white panda boots, a white panda themed skirt, panda bear with hat.
  • Sunny Bunny Hop Hop Purple pleat skirt, lilac bunny cap, red skirt, a dark purple beret, bunny with a little beret.
  • Owlena Hoot Hoot Yellow owl cap, lilac owl sunhat, yellow owl with little lilac owl cap, lilac dress.
  • Hannah Bannana Nom Nom Blue Top, Pink and yellow monkey hat, blue socks and monkey shoes.
  • Chilly Milly Yip Yip Purple dress, green pinguin hat, green socks and penguin shoes.


  • Amanda Panda Pop Instead of blue hair she has a soft shade of orange and her eyes are sky blue. Her panda themed attire is bright pink.
  • Kaitie Cat Meow Meow While her skin, skirts, and eyes remain the same color. Katie Cat gains lilac colored hair and instead of yellow clothing she has sky blue. Instead of white and gray cat parts, she has light pink oriented kitty parts.

Large DollsEdit

Want a bigger Kawaii Crush with cuddly soft hair? Well look no further! With these cute, irresistible 8" dolls with well rooted hair, anyone can welcome a new member into their Kawaii Crush/doll family. Each doll comes with a couple of unique accessories themed after their animal. While they are made of plastic, they do feature removable outfits and their hair can be styled a multitude of ways, leaving no two of them to look exactly the same!

  • Sunny Bunny Hop Hop Sunny Bunny is one of the only main cast mini to be made as a large doll at this time. She is featured with light blue bunny pieces consisting of her bunny cap, a bunny hair pick-like brush, and two bunny hair clips.
  • Tammy Lamby Lu Lu Tammy Lamby features very pale yellow lamb pieces such as her lamb shape hair pick-brush, her lamb helmet shaped cap, and two lamb hair scrunchies.
  • Zoey Boey Fru Fru Zoey Boey is all about bows! So much so, that her accessories consist of nothing but. She has one large hair bow usually worn, as well as four smaller ones, and a pink and purple bow shaped pick-brush.

BFF PacksEdit

Do you love Kawaii Crush so much that you wish to have two mini dolls instead of just one? Well then these twin sets are perfect for you. The only problem is to decide which one!

Each set released so far is virtually the same, but with a different theme. One being sweet yummy foods, the other being times of the day. Each set features two exclusive dolls and thirty accessories, and one can even use the sleeping bags each doll comes with in order to store their items.

Day and Night setEdit

Morning Glory Go Go and Luna Lite Night Night!

Each girl generally has the same items but with slight differences to match her. These items include: Eye mask, headband with ornaments on them, caps, facial masks, a laptop, a little buddy for both girls, pillows, purses, laptop, some clothing items, sleeping bags, and even a hand mirror.

PB&J setEdit

Netty Betty Creamy Crunch and Shelly Jelly Jam Jam!

Each girl generally has the same items but with slight differences to match her. These items include: Headband with ears, eye mask, a facial mask, a little toast buddy, sleeping bags with pillows, a hand mirror, cap, a few articles of clothing, and a laptop!

Mini ShopsEdit

Mandy's Candy ShopEdit

Candy's set comes with thirteen pieces in total, one being herself while another is her shop. She also has convenient space to store all of the accessories to avoid losing them.

Jamie's Sunglass ShopEdit

Besides herself and the little shop, Jamie Framie's set includes Eleven accessory pieces and has convenient space to make storing everything fun and easy. 


Hyper Happy Mall Edit

Who wouldn't want to go shopping at this kawaii little shopping mall? You'll easily find your way to your most favorite spot!

Hyper Happy Mall comes with many details and features and requires no batteries to operate or play with. Such features include:

  • Three pets
  • Forty play Accessories
  • Five little shops to play with all in one product
  • A real working elevator
  • Holly Molly Shop Shop doll

Betty Teddy's CarEdit

This kawaii car is ready to drive two of your dolls around the world! Coming with exclusive mini Betty Teddy Zoom Zoom, one can also find a sheet of sparkly stickers, a convertible top attachment and glasses for the car, and even seat belts, for that authentic feel.

Accessories include: Sticker sheet, a purse for a few little items, a drink, glasses, and convertible roof.


  • Blue teddy bear head
  • Two hearts with a teddy bear head in the center
  • A pine tree car ornament
  • Big blue bow
  • Purple paws
  • A multicolor paw with a heart
  • A little pink bow
  • A square object with a teddy bear head on it
  • White bear head outline
  • A big daisy
  • Kawaii Crush logo



  • The original BFF pack was Morning Glory and Luna Lite. Which could explain why Netty Betty and Shelly Jelly are recolors of them.